Soul Button – Merine (Remix Edition)

Soul Button – Merine (Remix Edition)

Label: Steyoyoke
Catalog: SYYK165
Released: 2022-07-15
Type: Single
Style: Progressive House
Bitrate: Flac+320

01. Merine (Morttagua Remix) (7:46)
02. Merine (Da Fresh Remix) (7:06)

Steyoyoke is back with another alluring remix edition EP. It is comprised of 2 unique interpretations of Soul Button’s fabled, “Merine”, by Morttagua and Da Fresh.This release includes an entrancing collection of concepts by way of delicate synth work and dense palpable atmospheres, like smoke filling an afterhours club. Morttagua presents his interpretation using his patented evocative leads, punchy bass, and proliferating atmospheric pads resembling the ebb and flow of ocean currents. Da Fresh takes a more subtle and dreamy approach with lush reverberated stabs, oscillating pads, and delicate rising tension arpeggios that will have the listener on pins and needles. Two juxtaposing renditions that make for instant classics.”Merine” (Remix Edition) will stir your soul, and stoke the flames of passion within. This dreamy yet haunting release will captivate dreamers and dancefloor faithful alike. There is something for everyone in this release.