Pelengas – The Desire To Know

Pelengas – The Desire To Know

Catalog: NEA023
Released: 2022-05-18
Type: Single
Style: Psy-Trance
Bitrate: Flac+320

01. The Desire To Know (Original Mix) (09:39)

Desire can originate from psychic as well as bodily stimuli. The desire to know, specifically, originates from our brain and it is precisely from here that it slowly expands. His is a two-way path: first he expands all over the ether, grasping what he finds in front of him, then with a fast, rotating and almost violent movement, he sucks in everything. Come a whirl. Close your eyes, untie, expand yourself, absorb it all, and again melt into the atmosphere. Thus, endlessly. There is no limit. Knowledge feeds the soul, which is why we feel the desire for it.