Kuvoka – Intergalactic

Kuvoka – Intergalactic

Label: Second State
Catalog: SNDST107
Released: 2022-08-05
Style: Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
Bitrate: Flac+320

01. Intergalactic (Original Mix) (7:10)
02. Deep Sensation (Original Mix) (4:44)
03. Highway 99 (Original Mix) (5:16)
04. Mulholland Drive (Original Mix) (5:16)
05. Monolith (Original Mix) (3:54)


Kuvoka, the new outlier producer of electronic music world is set to beat up the dance floor with a solo debut on Second State with 5 track EP, ‘Intergalactic’. Raised in Istanbul, co-resident in Vancouver, Kuvoka has been making serious and bold waves in the techno scene globally over the last few years. With releases across many major techno imprints and contributions to Second State’s compilation series, he steps up for his solo debut with a contemporary EP ‘Intergalactic’. Kuvoka crafted each and every one of the tracks to create a disruptive series of signature music, perfected to synchronize the crowd. Title track ‘Intergalactic’ is a true testament to its name, packed full of drones, cosmic hoover synths and sinister rattling synths. Scattered instrumentals and percussive swipes are matched with a jackin’ vocal sample, a contrast to the space elements that blend seamlessly throughout. A highly varied track with unexpected twists and turns that balance perfectly.